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Our Ornamental portflio comprises various irreplaceable decorative elements, which compliment and enhance the rest of our collection, enabling our discerning clientele to envisage a complete lifestyle.

Many of the items in our portfolio are extremely rare, once-off items. Each exceptional piece is unrivaled not only in its innate beauty, but in its enduring antiquity. It is indeed a joy to find such unique artistic masterpieces of unparalleled excellence and craftmanship and bequeath new life to them in the avant-garde world.

The craft of stone masonry has existed since the dawn of civilisation. Creating buidings, structures and sculptures using stone from the Earth, these materials have been used to construct many of the long-lasting, ancient monuments, artifacts, cathedrals and cities.

Awed by the presence of a simple material, masonary artisans created pieces which were not only functional but beautiful pieces of art.

As varied as the men who carved them and as beautiful as the landscape that inspired them, our stone ornamental elements add style and artistic beauty to the home, providing the prefect inspiration for anyone interested in the commanding beauty of stone combined with a timeless durability.

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